Sunday, March 9, 2008

Barkley's 2008 Dine Around

Smoked Chicken with Brie Turnovers
Gross... there are my thoughts on that. Overdone, wayyy too smokey, my mouth was telling me I was eating the burnt end of the stick after a hot dog roast.

Baseball cut Sirloin with "Shoestring Fries" on top of Lentil Ragu
Barkley's last year was fantasic, couldn't wait to go back. This year's servings makes me not want to go back- ever. The steak was cooked well (med-rare) but there was this awful charred taste that ruined it for me. It was like... campfire set with gasoline. And to top off this taste extravaganza... the lentil ragu was chili! Looked like chili, tasted like chili and if there was a lentil to be seen it was hidden amongst the CHILI! I ate the end off of this steak and got it wrapped to go, threw it out the next morning (along with one left over turnover).

Creme Brulee
Should have ordered this first. It was good, really good. Still doesn't beat the one I had at that famous steak chain we have in our city... but was the highlight of my night. I like my brulee to be flat and wide. That way when the sugar gets heated the custard warms up too. The one complaint I have with this particular serving was (and some might not complain of this) that the sugar was so thick it required serious biting and then pulling it out of my molars. I like the sugar to be thin, crisp and melt it your mouth. I can't have everything, I will just say- thank god something was yummy at Barkley's this particular night.

PS: The fact that I set a certain font and size to my comments and they don't appear once I save really pisses me off :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Peeps On Parade


I don't eat them but I think they're the cutest things!