Saturday, August 14, 2010

An afternoon at Merridale Cider

Your one stop shop for cider tastings, lunch and a self guided tour. The orchards are huge and the Fairie Villages small and cute. 

We had Red Pepper Hummous, Pulled Pork Pizzas, Apple and Parsnip Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Apple Pie and Maple Pie. (Everything on the menu had apple of some sort in it. I would expect nothing less of a bistro in the midst of the largest apple orchard in the Province.)
And of course cider. A lot of cider... that we happened to top off with a pitcher of Sangria.

Pickle in a Pouch

Have you seen these? Ha! I got this one at the Vancouver Airport. How could I pass by and not get one?! There were rows of them. In a cooler of course. It's a pickle in a pouch. To go. On a plane? I've not seen anyone crack one open while I've been on a plane, but the clerk told me they're very popular in the International Terminal. Pickles en-route to Paris. Jealous.


...I think she ate a mushroom out of the yard. The look on her face tells me they were magical.

Eggs... My new obsession

I have a bit of a new obsession as of late. Eggs. Not from the grocery but from the local farmers market that meets every Thursday and Friday in our downtown square. 

I wasn't that crazy about them at first, after all, they were just eggs. Until I started getting the eggs from the fancy chickens! Hues of blues and greens and oblong and huge and extra tiny. And without fail one double yolk per carton! So now every week I march down there for 2 dozen and can't wait to get home to haul them out of their cartons and stare at them. For a long time... 

Lucy was very interested and eventually got shooed away. I'm sure she was looking for a small enough one to take away and examine further. Not a habit I'll promote.