Thursday, September 22, 2011

I adore animals...

But lately in yoga I have not liked a few animals. I'm not a fan of Rabbits, Camels or Turtles. And if you've practiced Bikram you know what I mean. No one said it better than The Dancing J in this very fine blog post
News Flash: It's hot in here! Most days are fine, and really it's a mental state, but for some reason those fucking turtles...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It was a feast

These veggies, became this...


Raw crackers (yes, crackers)

The table- where do you start?

Lady J holding a raw taco

We each ate two plates of this... we are not ashamed.

And this is how we finished... twice. Raw Cashew Dream Cake. If cheesecake and ice cream cake had an extremely healthy baby made of nuts and fruit, then did a dance in a raspberry bush at dawn with the fresh dew still twinking upon the berries, this would be the spawn.

The raw tacos, flax seed crackers and raw cashew dream cake can all be found on Sarah B's My New Roots. We love her blog, we adore how she believes in food in it's most simple state and we thank her for sharing with us her vast knowledge and delicious recipes. Kisses