Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Butter Cupcakery Price List

Here is the straight text version of the pamphlet. If you would like the fancy version let me know and I'll email it off to you (whatever did we do before email?).


Golden Vanilla - Airy and light sponge cake (flavoured if you wish)

Double Chocolate- Dark and fluffy and yummy and oh my!

Icing Options

Vanilla Buttercream- Smooth buttery goodness (tinted or not)

Chocolate Buttercream- Made with Espresso and Bensdorf cocoa

Cream Cheese- Sweet and Fluffy.

Cupcakes (per dozen)

Petite Cupcakes- $10.00
(Minimum order 2 dozen)

Just Right Cupcakes- $27.00

The BIG Cupcakes- $45.00 (Big enough to share with a friend- but why would you?)

Bridal orders of 50- 100 cupcakes are charged at $2.00 per cupcake (regular sized). Over 100 count are charged at $1.75 per cupcake. There will be an additional charge of $0.50 per cupcake for monogrammed chocolate buttons or flower additions.

Wedding cakes starting at $300.00

Large Cookies (various)-

$15.00 dozen

Handmade Marshmallows-

$10.00 dozen (1”x 1”x 1")

3 Layer Cakes

9” serves 10 to 15
$45.00 and up

Themed Cakes

$50.00 and up

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