Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Cupcake has a broken leg

Oh no! One week in and I hope she doesn't think this cast is on forever... she's getting a new, smaller one next week (I'm asking for black, hot pink is cute- but dirty already). She has adapted well and is bouncing around like a kangaroo. How do I keep her still? I can't! She's non stop for an hour, then sleeps for 10. I'm just counting down the days until June 1 when it will be off and done with. Least that's the latest the "8-10 week" time frame covers. Until then, she'll continue to act like she has a light saber built in while she scares the hell out of the cat. As I finish this post she's now sitting on the highest part of the couch, watching out the window. I'm going to have a heart attack.

My last bit of advice... get pet insurance. It might sound ridiculous but honestly this cost far more than I even imagined. I nearly shit a litter of kittens when I got the first estimate- but then realized I'd probably get charged another $1500 or so to have those cleaned up.
Send me money if you want to :)

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