Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Odd Food Products...

Apparently I'll eat anything- and usually like it.

I've had this tube of TUNA PASTE (mmhmm... that's right) in my pantry for about 6 months, kind of scared to try it. But today at work one of the pickiest eaters I know was having crackers with Tuna Paste on them. Ahh... yeah, of course I want one (ended up having 10!). It was good, really good. Not even tuna like, more like super smooth pate. So I love it, will need many more tubes. Luckily I cannot read any of the ingredients or if I'm even suppose to refrigerate after opening! I did, just in case. I'll send you a tube if you want to try it, really I will.

Just in case this isn't weird enough (and I bet this isn't even weird to half the world, just me.), how about some Ham & Eggs Chips?! Egg McMuffin in a bag. Haven't tried them, am really apprehensive, going to wait for Junior and we'll work up the nerve and I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

THAT IS JUST WRONG. Now that I see the actual picture of looks nuclear-like. As in, if everyone suddenly died and we had to try and find food to survive, this is the kind of stuff that would be left. Send me a tube..not the hot pepper one. LOL

wendy said...

that is actually yummy! my hubby is korean and we get a lot of this type of stuff at the Korean market..not bad