Sunday, April 19, 2009

2009 West Coast Tattoo Convention- Review

Bah. One of the least ambitious shows I've been to. So much so I couldn't even be bothered to dig out my camera. Ken took one photo of a wall of masks for a retailer. I came across one sweet woman at a shop booth, she was selling the prints. I bought one (pictured below, already framed- thanks Ikea). Rows upon rows of booths with grumpy looking people (tattooers and others) seemingly wishing they were elsewhere. Any where else.
Corey Miller from Six Feet Under was signing autographs. You might recognize him from L.A. Ink. Which wasn't mentioned anywhere FYI because he was there with his own shop! Felt for him. Constant line up, but he was gracious and a vetern at the smile/grip and grin. I'm not sure why anyone would want an autograph. What exactly do you do with it once you get it?! Do you read it over and over again?

My biggest BAH... the contests! JHC. So you sign up for say... Large men's colour. 4 judges in this case at a table on a stage (a big stage). "Beer" garden directly in front, viewer seating in front and around. 'Bob' comes up, shows his work to the judges, walks away. Everyone did! Would it be so inconvenient to walk 5 feet and let anyone else see it. No wonder there was zero crowd participaction. This is the only show I've been to that this has happened with. The others required the 'contestant' to give the crowd a look. Also, was it necessary that the "MC" continually work on the music equipment shit that was on the floor? He even answered his cellphone at one point. Clearly he is very important. Asshat.

Great trophies though. Custom skateboard decks.

I did find a tattooer and a shop (in Calgary) that I might visit. Blackbird Studio. Was going through Nick Luit's portfolio- Loved it. He does the cleanest traditional tattoos. My favourite of the show.

That's it. I'm jaded.
Maisie ignoring me while I post this.

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