Sunday, May 17, 2009

No Tarts, Just Tattoos

You start off thinking "big shin tattoo can't be that bad?" Sweet Mother of Jesus. Wrong. Luckily after the 2nd hour numbness had set in to the lower half. But wait! She's done that- movin' on up to the top of the shin! Woot...Kill me! 3.5 hours later (not including the 2.5 hours of line work we set in a few months back) we stopped, not because we're fully done, done enough I say! But because I was getting uncomfortable and fidgety. I sit like a rock, for about 2- 2.5 hours, then it's ants in my pants. But me being me, I'm willing to go through another 10 hours or so on the back side of the leg, and then of course because I do everything in 2's... the other leg. Oh when will I learn? I suppose when I run out of space.

I'll post the "after" photo once she heals. Right now this bitch is on firrreee!

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