Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome Home Lucy

My life pretty much works like this... phone rings ...

"What's up"
"I know of a little girl chi that needs a new home, can you take her?"
"stupid owner, neglectful, dog 14 months old, well socialized, scared since being bumped around"
"K bring her over"
"What time are you home?"
"See you then, thanks so much"
"Better not be a 3 legged pitt bull, Bye"

In walks Lucy... plump and cute and in bad need of a pedi. And very short compared to what I'm use to- which is supermodel tall Maisie. The dogs smell and walk around each other, the cats are just idiots. Come bed time Lucy is chill and under the covers passed out. Didn't wake up until I pulled her out at 7am, where she promptly went to the back door and barked, out, did her business, in... to the treat cupboard. I'm sure she'll fit in just fine.


bikramyogachick said...

She is adorable!!!!

Ang said...

so lucky to have you!! and vice versa of course!

laura may said...

Gorgeous! I adore chi's and am really jealous right now. hehe.