Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bad, Bad Carnivore

Braised Beef Short Ribs

Go to butcher, get a lot, rub them with whatever you want- may I suggest just salt and pepper? Throw around many sprigs of fresh thyme and sage. Sit atop a bed of as many sliced onions you can stand to cut. Have oven set to 300. Put pan in uncovered. Sit and watch tv for 4-5 hours. Little dog has gone to kitchen at this point and sniffed the air a thousand times...
After 5 hours (for me this was 11pm)... do one of two things. A: turn heat down to 200, cover the pan and leave those bitches in there until the morning when you get up or B: put the ribs at the bottom of a crock pot (slow cooker- whatever you call it at your home) and pour everything on top. Which is what I did. I set it on low and turned it off when I got up. Yeah, I nibbled some while waiting for my coffee to brew. And it was so delicious. The onions had completely caramelized and the rib "juice" was good enough to substitute for my morning coffee- but I didn't do that! I packaged a couple of "servings" (for Andre the Giant...) and headed off to work where at 10am... I ate lunch.
You will not be disappointed. I can't believe I don't make more.

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