Friday, February 8, 2008

Banana Kisses and Guilt

So...clearly this isn't posting more. I've been baking more, but have also hit a snag in my eating extravaganza. I watched "Fast Food Nation" and then another horrid thing on the treatment of cows at a ranch! I'm not an idiot and am rightly aware of where and how (though once you see it happening...whew...) our meat gets to the market, but my heart really hurt to see these cows being kicked and tossed around on fork lifts (Yeah, you read that right- fork lifts!). Anyhhooo... I've been off the beef for awhile now, had chicken the other night and was ok with it. I'll get back, once I find Farmer Brown who hugs his cows every night before bed and fluffs their hay piles before they lay down... far fetched I know, but sometimes I like to live in a fantasy land.

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