Saturday, December 12, 2009

Breakfast for the Kids

Add one egg and one cup of the nog to the Bisquick mix

Heat a frying pan to whatever you heat it to- I just wing it. Add butter (always, this should be an unspoken rule- butter to everything)

When the edges start to bubble add your peanut buttercups. Flip- forgot that photo (I can't remember everything!)

Take the bacon out of the oven (again, should be included in every meal)

Start the eggs. Crack 2 eggs for every small person, 3 for every large person. Add some cream and salt. Whisk. Add butter to the hot pan and pour in the eggs.

You must continually move the eggs around so they don't get too dry.
Dry scrambled eggs suck.

When they look like this they're done.

Put it all together on one plate and yell 6 times that breakfast is ready. Or until someone opens a door and says "What?"

The End

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