Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vancouver 2009

Cupcakes on Denman

Store pretty- cupcakes dry (Everytime I have ever tried them)

Giraffes everywhere

These look like giraffes- they're actually the things that lift containers off of cargo ships. And did you know that only about 2% of all containers are checked by customs? Good odds if you want to smuggle in some giraffes.

December on the West Coast

Oh, how did this end up here? Macaroons from Meinhardt's


The Sails at Canada Place

Clouds- soon to be gone

Gastown bakery

The Water St. Cafe- where the cast and crew of the Twilight filmings were nightly

The Famous Gastown Steam Clock

That weird building in Gastown

Michelle's, on top of a soon to be Starbucks

Lunch at
Salt Tasting Room

Cambozola Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Mister- hold the cream while I take the picture

Breakfast at the greasiest of Greasy Diners

I enjoy Me a Fat Burger

Sunset at English Bay- I love the tree on top of this building. Someone should light it up for Christmas.

As we were leaving Mister noticed this little pumpkin sitting on a trash can. I didn't touch it, just took the shot. Cute.

HUGE Laughing Sculpture

Must be a guy thing...

That's all. Hang loose.


Ang said...

I think you were in a different Vancouver then me... My food never looks that good.....

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