Monday, May 16, 2011


 Cute right? I know!! All you need to do is buy the Canoe Creme Pan (weird name right? It's just me that thinks so? Hmmphhh...). I bought mine offline from a company in Washington State. Can I remember the name? Negative. But I do remember it was less than $30 with shipping. And it's a good, sturdy, non stick CANOE CREME PAN. Oh, and it comes with the icing injector too.

And I'm not giving you the recipe either. Why? Because I want you to go out and buy the cookbook. Here's info on the book
and it's lovely author.

If you like to buy online at Amazon here you go. If you like Chapters (like me), here it is too. This book is worth the less than $20 you're going to pay for it. All of your past favourites can now be your new favourites.

Now go kiss a Chihuhua.

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