Sunday, January 3, 2010

Challenge: Day 3

Totally lied... today was hottest most full class ever. Didn't help there was a grunter beside me that tried to discreetly do crunches every time he had a chance- FYI dude... totally enjoyed hitting you on the head in Full Lotus.

Figured out since there are only 4 classes a day on the weekends they get packed. Was chatting to Denise- you probably don't know her but she's cute... and she said doesn't matter the time on the weekends, they all look like this.

Anyhooo... regardless of the grunter/ workout man I still had a mean practice. Thankfully Peter threw the fans on low ASAP and TWICE held the doors open. 20 seconds feels like heaven sometimes.

Oh my other distraction? Totally wondering if its time to wax... for sure time to colour the hair. There was a screaming glint of platinum staring back at me all class. Nearly killed me to not tuck it back into my bun. 'Bun'?... only old ladies call it a 'bun'. Welcome to Old LadyVille.

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