Monday, January 4, 2010

Challenge: Day 4

Namaste Twat.

Yeah, you heard me... If nothing drives me nuts it's being the only one (literally only one!) in the room and someone walks in and plops her mat down right in front of me, so much so I disappeared in the mirror. Why? Are people really that arrogant and self absorbed? I guess so.

Anyhooo... I moved a bit and said what I said. The end. Stupid, rude asshat. Next time it happens I'm going to move about 2 inches on either side of the person. And I'm not against making someone cry.

I breathed a little bit and got on with the practice. Which I am proud to say didn't suffer at all. And the temperature... oh heaven. There were about 1/4 the folks of the last few days and the humidity just never got up. My skin was actually sticky not slick. Made for great grabbing and further depths.

It seemed to go by rather quickly, which is always nice. I got up, threw on my hoodie and headed to the car... then I noticed it. The steam coming off of my body.

Guess I am hot after all :)

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bikramyogachick said...

Ah the mat shuffle. I'm convinced some people just don't "get it". I am always early, and always lay my mat in the front row making sure I'm not directly in front of anybody at all. I come back to the room 5 mins til the class starts and lo and behold, somebody put themselves right smack dab behind my mat. So now I'm the one who has to move because they didn't think to stagger their mat even tho they came in after me! Sheesh. I guess it's the same everywhere. :)