Friday, January 8, 2010

Challenge: Day 7

ONE WEEK DONE! I know this is paultry (not poultry) compared to 60 and 100 day challengers (100 days... Lordy) but there's something very satisfying about being one week down and not wanting to move to deep Africa where there are no Bikram Studios... probably is but in my mind, no.

Did the 5:45pm with Jules and 2 Bikram Hot Yoga Virgin friends of hers, Jenn and Shelley. I got there early and set them up on the far back coolest area (ha... as if there really is a 'cool' area), I put Jules and I front row corner (my new 'hood'). It was hot, not the hottest but humid already. Neicia kept the fans on low the entire time which really helped with the temperature and just before the floor series put the suckers on. I could actually feel the room drop a couple of degrees. You know 108 is MUCH cooler than 110. No? Well you will if you're working out in it for 55 minutes and then it changes. Anyhoo... these gals were champs and came out of the class smiling. I think they were actually delirious and suffered heat stroke. I came out of my first class on the verge of passing out and pale white. Ask Jules, its true. She practically shoved the Emerg-C down my throat.

These past few days have been 'fast' classes. For whatever reason they're zinging past. Mentally I had this challenge a far greater beast than it actually is. I think we underestimate ourselves too much.

So stop it. If you can think it you can do it (unless it involves getting your forehead to your knee with your giant boobs in the way, that is going to take some time.)

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