Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 12 (Class 14)

I like doing my classes 1st thing (I try most days) in the day. Not just to have them behind me and done but so that I feel alive and awake. My day really whips by when I practice at 6am. Some days I feel a bit tired, but normally it passes after a breakfast, snack, snack, 2nd breakfast and a snack. Jules will agree this is pretty much how we eat at the office. MSN pops up "Hungry" "Always" "K, making snack will let you know when it's ready" "K"
Followed by another MSN of "is there coffee?" "Yes" "good" "K" "You know who is an asshole!" "I'm aware"

I did the 9:30am today and right now I feel like I need to stretch!! What the hell is that?! I'll tell you. I had a shittles of a practice. Right from walking into the hot room to walking out (actually out wasn't so bad, I could see thru the air). It was so humid, no sucker, no fans on, no rest for the wicked. I started feeling myself losing the mind over matter battle at Master Pose. So I let it win. I laid down and just counted my breaths. I needed to shake this old bag that was telling me to give up. I got back up during Tree Pose. The floor series wasn't too bad, I laid out Rabbit, cause contrary to the instructors words, I really did need that water. And a bit of circulating air wouldn't have hurt at this point either. I hope the people on their first day realize that not all classes or instructors are suffering. Most are understanding and remember when they were laying in a very humid room praying for relief and wondering if they too were about to die.

Regardless of my ick day, Jules and I are planning another back to back. Monday or Tuesday morning. We're waiting to see the instructor combo.

We're weird like that.

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