Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 13 (Class 15)

Whew that was a hot room! Not so much temperature but when there are a lot of people practicing the humidity creeps up. Thankfully the instructor kept the fans on, turned on the sucker and occassionally opened a door to let in some air. Now that is a good first impression for the first timers. Who wouldn't want to come back to that?! Just wait... it's not all empathy and good times, no sirreeee...

I was sweating even before standing up for the first breathing exercise. Sweat rolling down my chin sweating. I was a hot mess trying to pull off Eagle Pose. Tilting this way, leaning that way, wobbling everyway. I was able to get it back together for the rest of the class. My hips were actually down in Balancing Stick but I have yet to touch forehead to knee in Standing Head to Knee...which I'm guessing is the point? One day I will. Not for lack of trying as I've said before, but because of the dual obstructions I carry. Bah!

Mother Nature arrived this morning so trying to get into a good Bow Pose was near impossible. Wicked cramps shot through me and I came out early and did a few wicked curses in my head and then picked it up second set. I also noticed "she" bothered me in the sit ups too. Damn her! When does she go away? 55? 60? So I have nearly another 15-20 years of this? GAWD.

I had a bit of a giggle fit today in Savasana. I got it under control fast but OMG did it hit me all of a sudden. Something the Mister said last night when he got into bed and the kitten sat his little ass directly on Mister's eye... LOLOL still making me laugh out loud.

Tomorrow is the half way mark of the 30 day challenge. It has yet to break us, not even one bit.

Good luck trying.

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bikramyogachick said...

ah, the giggles in class! Those are so much fun! It feels so...illicit... :)