Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day... 23?

Lord love a duck I'm tired. It's not the amount of classes, its the fact I like to get up at 5:15am to get to the 6am class. And by like I mean- I have to get it over with or I might pass out once I get home and then get nothing done!

Here's my class drama. Peter teaching, great... no drama there. Temperature- ditto. Humidity- zero. Top of foot so dry it split open as soon as I touched it in Half Moon. That's the drama. What the hell!!? I moisturize- a lot! I've been putting Polysporin on it for a week now... and today... one inch gash across top. So not attractive. And it actually hurt enough I had to lay out Fixed Firm and Rabbit. Just laid there mentally picking my ass thinking "doodeedoodeee... oh good... next" I am not a wimp and don't like minor things like this putting me out. But really- its a pretty good tear and as you're aware the skin on the top of the foot is not too thick. And of course I think "And now I'm going to have to get my tattoo redone! GAWD!!"Ever have the top of your foot tattooed? Think knife left in fire pit, point dragging on flesh. Ribs are worse, but they're not cracked open. Oh and not bleeding cause it's too dry. BAH I say.
I thought I could put a bandage on it for tomorrow but Jules reminded me of my sweat fest and said doubtful it would stick :( Am just going to gob on the ointment and shoot for the best.

Wish me luck. And Hey! We're nearly done. And I'm definately sleeping in.


Ang said...

yuck. I feel for you.

bikramyogachick said...

you're a better woman than me. I cannot get up that early! I go after work everyday. almost done your challenge! woot woot!