Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday, Day 11 (Class 13)

As weird as Thursday's class was for me, today was amazing! I honestly don't think I've ever had such an amazing practice.

I was "working" from home (I DID WORK!) and decided to hit the 11:30 class. There was a good mix of students, some experienced and some brand new. I got my favourite spot and away we went. Everything just seemed to flow effortlessly. No wobbly legs, no cursing, breaths coming and going as they should and all of a sudden- the end!! What!? Already? Did I Savasana for too long and no one told me?! 90 minutes. Every class is 90 minutes. I think this one was only half an hour. I'm sure of it.

I think the only people that didn't feel the same way were the 1st class people. I always marvel when I new person does the entire class without once taking a knee or a nap. Impressive.

I love having that "I did great!" feeling all day long. I had it right until 10pm when there I was going to bed on a Friday night, two cats, one chihuahua. I have officially reached nesterhood.

I think my next post of Latte Cupcakes will be more exciting for you than this one.

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