Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 10 (Class 12) Like, feeeeerrr Surrrrrrreeeee

My 6am class today was lead by a Valley Girl crossed with Charlie Brown's teacher.

Ever have one of those instructors that just does the dialogue and nothing else? Nothing at all!? Not a correction, not a hint, nothing but the exact dialogue.

It's interesting... I've had this instructor many times and really never noticed until today that she is very focused on one thing- getting the words out.

I was a bit of a shit show today. In Bow Pose I was doing Cobra, in Full Lotus I was doing Bow Pose. Did she correct me? Not one time. Me and the gals got a laugh out of it later, but there I was just doing my own thing, mind wandering to wherever it was.

I eventually got back on track but a little direction earlier might have helped.

My practice was sort of like today's weather. Gray and dismal. I know we all have off days, but I like all of my days to be gold stars with sparkles. And it really probably wasn't as bad as I'm making it out to be I'm just a bit tired, thus hard on myself.

My legs are sore too... after I pulled on my Frye boots today I thought "I have to carry 5 pounds of leather around all day long..." Still have them on, too lazy to change them.

I'm sore because I'm giving it full force. The pulling, the stretching, the breaths.

This is my practice and you can't have it.

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Jen said...

LOL! I love your writing style. Keep up the great work, I look forward to following your journey and cheering you on! :)