Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 21 (Class 19)

I'm behind!! I'm throwing some doubles in this week, I'll be back in the loop in no time. I hit the 9:30am class today (being Thanksgiving there were only 3 classes to choose from) and it was packed! Shuffling and shifting and peeking around people was the object of the day. I know... pulling is the object of stretching, but today peeking was the object of seeing. Peter was instructing and it was a combo of mellow and auctioneer. It was very much his style. At one point he actually said "Woot Woot" You know, that disco woot woot! Ha. Things like this make the class lighter on your mind when you think you might not make it. Was probably nice for the 1st timers to see its not all grind.

I had an overall really good day. First time ever in Standing Bow that my body was fully level with the floor... and then I fell out. But I got back in and now I just have to get over my glee and just hold it. I was also sooo close to getting my forehead to my knee in Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee, and then my boob moved. Bah!! Boob Blocked.

Hitting the floor after the standing series is always such a treat. You just think "Thank god I don't have to hold my body up anymore" I'm learning the fine art of Savasana. The itchiest itch isn't bothering me anymore, with that said I could easily fall asleep. I need to learn to walk the fine line of awake meditation and nighty night. Though how great would it be if you could just come in and find a corner spot and nap for 90 minutes in the warmth while outside is rainy and cold?! Someone should organize a day like that. Fans left on low, everyone napping.

I'll see what I can do.

Turkey needs a basting. 15 pound bird for 4 people. What was I thinking?

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bikramyogachick said...

glad you are back in the saddle! Hope your turkey turned out the way you wanted it to.