Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 24, 25 and 26 (Day, Classes...interchangeable)

So close but yet so far... I'm exhausted! Well obviously not clinically exhausted but am looking forward to a guilt free day off. A day where I'll bitch to Jules that I feel stiff and my back is tight and my legs are heavy to carry and my skin isn't glowing, and then I'll feel guilty. What the hell is that?! The studio probably pumps 'guilt serum' into the rooms.

I have to make this 'snappy' (for you Gaye :). I have carpets to clean, I have to go to Michael's craft store for fondant and probably a load of stuff I don't need, groceries, laundry and Maisie needs an hour at the beach and I still have to fit a class in.

Thursday I missed a class due to dog drama. Not my dog- god forbid! My friend's 2 pound Chihuahua got out on them and didn't come home all night! JHC! The next day she told me and another friend and I got on the internet posting ads (Rox Rocks) and within 20 minutes- dog found. Thanks again to the sweet lady that saw her and took her in for the night.
I left work to pick up this sad little dog- who went apeshit when she saw me and brought her back. Everyone was happy blahblahblah... I'd do the same for your pet too. Your kid is on their own.

Friday Jules and I hit the 6am and honestly there was nothing exciting to tell you. I think I was mentally counting minutes in my head for the end. I need (after the Challenge) to start doing some later classes, just to shock my body. Sure I can get up and go through the motions (I do give it... most times) but it might be nice to be fully awake occassionally. And don't you think those lights are brutal at 6am?

Saturday morning I had to do a double, atleast I think I did but then I did those other doubles so I'm probably caught up and confused. Like usual. Sweet Mother of Baby Jesus it was humid! Niecia lead both classes and her mama raised her right- she doesn't like to see people suffering. Though she kept the fans on fully, the sucker turned on, there was nothing she could do with the humidity. It was raining so hard out (for a couple of days- this is winter for us) and I guess that's all it takes.

Both of my classes were good. A couple of classes ago we got precise instructions on a few poses and I've been concentrating on pulling them off. My Standing Bow has improved drastically in one day because of it. Fixed Firm is still a bit of an issue. My foot is still cut over the top but its much better. Thank you Polysporin. Camel = Woot!
Going into the 2nd class (sopping wet and looking like I was outside for an hour) it was a sweat fest. Literally dripping off of my elbows, dripdripdrip sound as it hit the towel. And this was in the 1st breathing exercise.

Did I tell you I really don't enjoy the warm up? I'll get over it one day, hate something else for a while. I just wish I could sit it.

Wonder why (again, for you Gaye)... the 2nd class seems to zing by? It was suffering humid and there was a noise maker in class but yet I didn't notice much of anything. Just doodddeeeddooodeeedooo... I was in my own world just pulling out the poses and voila!


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bikramyogachick said...

yay! you are almost done! You rock woman!