Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 9 (Class 11) Feelin' Good

It was sooo cold this morning, in the house and outside. I put on my gear and headed to class (hair in same hot mess it was from yesterday's 3:45pm class, I did shower though).

Heaven walking into the hot room (for about 30 seconds). The perfect temperature was sitting in the lobby, with my hoodie on. Perfecto! I could have laid down and slept another 2 hours. But alas, I'm not there to sleep. Practice now, live better, sleep when I'm dead.

Peter was teaching this morning. Thankfully not the animated, auctioneer Peter. He must have been tired.

I may be tooting my horn here but I think I am really rockin' this Challenge. Which means I'm rockin' my practice. Peter gave me some good corrections today and it got me really locked into focus. My arms are actually sore from the pulling. Pulling is the object of stretching. I do have a "sore" lower back, but Jules and I were discussing and we're both convinced it's how high our legs are going up in Cobra. Yayyyyy Us! I actually lifted my legs fully off the floor today. Nothing touching. My own idiocy had me lay out Rabbit. After camel (the new love of my life) I chugged half a bottle of water. OHOH.

On the water topic. I'm going to start skipping the Emerg-C in my bottle. Today I had a weird taste in the back of my throat from it. I just wanted plain old water. Thankfully I had a bottle of that... and hence the chug a lug. I might be using the Emerg-C as a crutch now when I really don't need it. I feel great after class with or without it. If I need it I'll use it, but I'm sure I'll be fine.

Oh, I just noticed my uncomfy pants are comfy again. My bra is fitting better and my (ahhemm...) extra chin is less! Woot.

7 years ago the first Bikram Studio opened up in the city. I regret not starting then. My am thankful I'm committed now.

Viva La Hot Room!!

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