Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 1 of the 30 day Challenge- technically Day 2!

So, there it was 5:36 am with the Mister standing over me saying "Aren't you suppose to be up by now??" Holy Hell! I fly out of bed, little dog is thinking "WTF are you doing!!!?" I run to the bathroom where Mister then says to me "Look at the size of...." Well shit, I turn and run so fast, past him, over the cat... he's laughing and then says "Look at the size of that fluff of hair the cat left on the carpet" I thought he meant spider. Either way- heart rate was up to 140. I jam my toothbrush into my mouth, splash water on my face and all over the place, pinning hair up, leg through shorts, tangled in bra top... and make it out the door at 5:45am.

I get to the studio in literally 60 seconds (only a couple of blocks away) and David is smiling away at the counter, I look around for Juliana (my yoga friend and work mate), whew... there she is. Ok, heart rate back to normal.

I go into the hot room and set my mat up in my new favorite area- second row from the front, next to Jules. Everyone had good mat etiquette today and we all got very clear views of ourselves in the mirror.

And we begin... deep breathing went off without passing out. Good job.

My nemisis is Half Moon Pose. Why? Cause I have this blob of side fat that hopefully one day will disappear! I push past it most days- today was not that day. I felt crazy stretching in my sides, good I know... But then my back was being a bitch-whore. So I kicked her in the ass and told her to move it along. During back bend I saw the lower half of the back wall for the first time. I followed every one of David's words and pushed further than I ever have. Yayyyy me!!

Front bend... oh hello gut!! I'm not a big person at all, but when you're nearly naked and bending in less than flattering ways, things pop out!

By the time we hit the floor I am sweating. Really sweating. Which I LOVE. But my god, when I bend over and the accumulated sweat in my cleavage comes running out and goes up my nose I feel like I'm drowing in a pool. I know you know what I mean if you've got ample cleavage and do Bikram.

I don't know about you but I like an instructor that talks a bit fast, and tells the occassional funny and sometimes forgets which pose we're in. Makes them more human, more approachable. Like this morning "Come to the top of the mats, for... the 3rd part of Fixed Firm which is a different pose..."

I had a great practice this morning. I'm so glad we (I, but really we. The support of your friends really helps) decided to do this challenge. We're going to do a back to back on Thursday. Yup... 6am to 9:15am. We can do it but at the same time eeeeeeekkkkk!

Here's to the next 29.

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