Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 6 (7)... Conclusion

Apparently I wasn't as tired as I let myself think I was. I got to the studio at about 9:05am and I wasn't the first keener there. I got my favourite spot as soon as the coast was clear and then came back out to sit in the corner, also my favourite spot. And... woot, Jules walked in. I thought she was going to do a later class so it boosted me to see my yoga partner in crime arrive.

Sweet Baby Jesus that class was hot!! I will never get why there is zero continuity with instructors and when or when not to keep the fans on. I do say when people leave half way through the class or are just laying out completely, a little mental/ physical boost of fan power can't be that detrimental. Either way, I always feel sad for people that leave or get sick or just can't stick it out. For the love of God when you see the air in the room look like fog rolling in, turn on a fan.

I had a great practice regardless of what was going on. I layed out Bow Pose- Mother Nature is on her way tomorrow and she was hitting me with cramps like she was going for Olympic gold. Bitch.

I use to HATE camel. Hate hate hate! Now... Love love love. Who would have thought?

Oh! Jules and I are doing a double tomorrow. Not back to back but 2 classes spaced well apart. We do have day jobs you know.

I'm glad I went early today. I feel refreshed, a bit tired but I have a day of knitting and baking planned (laundry thrown in for shit and giggles). I'm going to pull out a few episodes of Dexter and finish up what I've missed and await the new season with baited breath.

I'll be posting again today but its going to be Baklava. I thought I'd be done it by now but I didn't know the phyllo needs 4 hours to thaw, its just thin dough after all.

I'm hungry again...

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bikramyogachick said...

Hmmm. You hated camel, now love it. I hate half moon....perhaps I can learn to love it? :)