Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 8 (9) Caution: Potty Mouth

You have no idea how much patience I have. I should be nominated for Saint Hood. Someone call the Pope.

Beside me today in the 3:45 pm class was the loudest fucking groaner you have ever encountered! I cannot believe I didn't strangle him. I've heard less groaning watching gay porn. The guy was groaning in Half Moon and it only got worse. The instructor actually said "Remember this is a quiet room, keep your mouths closed and control your breaths through your nose, no groans allowed" "I hear groaning..." "I'm getting concerned with the groaning, is the groaner ok" This nearly cracked me up. But remember I'm avoiding wrinkles by not moving my face...

He was 8 inches from me, we had to stack our arms in Full Lotus. I probably could have thrown an elbow and knocked him out into final Savasana before his time.


Otherwise my class was great. I went deeper, pulled harder and really had a good clear practice. Even with the Great Groaner beside me.

I talked to the instructor afterwards (Kelsey) and she assured me that one day I will get my head to my knee. Its just my anatomy...


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