Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 7 (8) Part II

Oh La La! I forgot how packed the 7:45pm class can be! And loud. So much buzzing around as people are coming in and chatting. I guess I got use to 6am and how we're all walking zombies with puffy eyes and bad hair.

There was a lot of grunting and groaning in class. Kind of like a cattle drive. I am very stoic in my practice. I like to concentrate on me and mine and nothing else. Come to think of it I am like that most of the time. I am that straight faced, not easily impressed, shocked or otherwise gal. You get use to it. And its good for not getting wrinkles!

I had a new (1st class) girl practice beside me and kudos to her, she pushed through the whole practice, didn't layout once. I nearly puked my 1st class.

Peter was instructing this class and he was talking so fast and animated, I kept looking at Jules and laughing. I felt like I was at an auction! SOLD!! He admitted he was a bit hyper from doing a class, then straight in teaching the next. But Lord Love a Duck it was extreme.

All in all, for a double I felt good. I think I might have liked the back to back more. Jules said she liked the double more. Either way, we were two sweaty chicks that did a double and enjoyed it. (that sounds perverse...) I do like putting up two stickers in one day box on the Challenge chart. Actually, I don't do it. Someone else does (usually Jules stretching for all she's worth). Being tall has some advantages.

I'm doing a 3:45pm class today. I think the sleep in today did me well. I have a yummy dinner planned for me and Mister and a night of knitting on the couch.

Oh speaking of knitting... the new kitten likes wool... could be trouble if I forget to put things away.

Shittles! I still haven't posted the Baklava!

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