Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 4 (5! Plus 1) We Rock!

We did it! We did it! And we did it well!!

I have a perma- smile today since I'm still stunned we did the back to back 6am- 915am). Who would have thought the 2nd class was going to be so smooth!? Not us that I can tell you. (We're thinking of doing it weekly! **small squeal**)

So... Le Sigh... we make it through our first class, no glitches. We actually high five each other while laying in final Savasana. We don't lay much longer than 3 minutes before we get up and maul the watermelon container. Which FYI was the best thing I had ever eaten up to that point.

A couple of comments regarding us doing the back to back: "You are retarded" OR "You two are super rockstars, AC/DC rockstars!" Nothing in between, retarded or rockstars. To the naysayers... Rockstars.

Going back into the hot room we suddenly realized- its not so hot right now! Because we were still sweating buckets? Who knows or cares. We got on our mats (Oh neither of us bothered changing the towels, I rather enjoyed the extra grip too) and honest to god I either blacked out half the class or time flew by at unaccounted for speed. All of a sudden we're back in Savasana, at the same time Jules and I look at each other... dumbfounded. We giggle.

The floor series seems to be a dream, it just flowed past. I do remember in my mind saying "OMG we did it, we did it!"

In final breathing I had such a revelation that we have been under estimating ourselves and we are better than we gave ourselves credit for. We are rockstars!

We looked like shit at that point but we felt like vanilla cupcakes stuffed with soft marshmallow custard topped with whipped buttercream icing. We felt decadent.

And we are.

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bikramyogachick said...

Oh yes you ARE rockstars! Way to own that double! Major kudos and enjoy your "yoga buzz" all day.