Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 2 (but really day 3!)

Another 6am. I do love doing (OMG I type DONG everytime!!) that class. It's just a great way to start the day- though I'm sure I'm not as balanced at that hour. Admittedly I'm a bit tired come mid- day but am sure it will pass.

I must rant on mat retardation for a moment.

Do you really not see me or my mat before you plop yours directly in front of mine? DIRECTLY in front! You stare at me enough, so I know for a fact you saw me. Tomorrow I will ask you to move your mat should you decide you need 8 feet of space on either side of you and the only way you can get it is by standing in front of me. Namaste.

David was teaching again today. He said an interesting thing which Bikramyogachick said in her blog as well. "Wash rinse repeat" Then started breaking down how long it takes a woman to get ready... ahh not this woman. Clearly you don't see me pop out of bed at 530am and out of the house in 9 minutes. His point was that if you take all this time in a day to get yourself ready for other things, what's 90 minutes to reinvent yourself for your entire life? It's not much, but it is everything.

David decided today to NOT turn on the fans until... 8 minutes prior to the end. I heard a lot of groaning and huffing in the class. I enjoy a cool breeze every now and again, I'm sure you do too... but come on! You need to groan? This isn't sex noises in a sauna class. Is it necessary? I don't grunt or groan. I tried to move it out of my mind but sometimes you can't hear anything but. So I started singing in my head, Dolly Parton's "Harper Valley PTA". Only thing I heard then was dialogue and the command to "change". Wooot. Feel free to use it.

Juliana and I were having sushi today and just gabbing away about yoga, feigning poses while sitting in our chairs. I'm sure it was a sight to be seen. Both of us agree that we spend a lot of time thinking about yoga, analyzing the poses, analyzing ourselves in the poses, trying not to beat ourselves up and honour what our bodies are telling us. We both came to the conclusion that we have not found or done another physical thing in our lives that we enjoy as much as this. I look forward to waking up to go! At 6am.

You should join us.

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bikramyogachick said...

Yes! You go with your bad self on this challenge!! **Michelle gives a roof push** woot woot!
The mat madness...ahhh! I think it's a conspiracy to test us. :)
I have gotten to the point where I just scoot over, even if I was there first. Also, if I'm set up in the front row and notice somebody in the back came in after and planted themseelves behind me (why????) I move for them so they can see. I guess you just get used to mat madness after awhile!
OMG, I can so relate to your last paragraph! NEVER in my adult life have I ever stuck to any exercise until Bikram. 2 and 1/2 years and couting the rest of my life!