Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 3 (4!)

It frightens me that I'm awake before the 515am alarm. Waiting... what if I've lost my ability to sleep in?! What if I'm becoming an old lady already? The one that gets up at 3am and putters around but is in bed at 6pm?? C'est la vie? I guess so. How sad that 7am will be a sleep in from now on.

Some things I was thinking about while waiting for class to start today... just sitting on my mat looking around.

I always wonder how long haired people can keep their hair down while in the hot room. ICK! Mine is up in a bun so tall I can't see my foot come over my head in Standing Bow. I can't do anything else with it that is tolerable. If I feel it coming apart I start to pray it doesn't fall completely. It gives me the heebie jeebies thinking of it.

Glasses. Don't they fog up???

Long pants and a long sleeved top!??!!! I have nothing to say on this...

Are my feet as dirty as that?! I hope to hell not. I try very hard to keep them clean for class so that no one is thinking this about me.

God I wish I could wear a bandeau top. Or at the very least a top with cute straps that are not 2 inches wide. I pray every class I will drop 2 or 3 cup sizes. They truly get in the way.

Am I the only one sitting in here that already has sweat rolling down their back?? I think I am.

My toenail polish is chipping. Note to self: redo tonight.

In walks Jacqueline to start the class- lights on and we're all blind.

I felt super strong today and thus really concentrated on everything. I still don't enjoy Half Moon, will tell you when I do. Guess it would be bad to take a knee on the first posture huh?

I felt like the entire standing series just zoomed by. Any hints on how to get my forehead to knee, by passing my boobs?? Talk about "throat choked". I literally had my face up to the top of my nose jammed into my cleavage. I can't get pass them! And I try incredibly.

Ahhhh... to the floor.

Ever notice how in Bow Pose one leg is lower than the other and takes more effort to push up, and not let the other drop? Yeah... me too.

I must say I pulled out my best Camel Pose to date. I was pushing and pushing. Had I been pregnant for sure I'd have birthed right there. I felt so overwhelmed afterwards- but in a good way, almost dizzy. I layed out Rabbit and got my head together and flew through the rest of class.

I got home and felt so awake. I washed my gear, made some yummy coffee for me and Maisie (she gets cream in a cup, but I call it coffee and she goes nuts), packed my lunch for work and got into the shower. And not in 5 minutes I thought "I want a nap". I didn't but oh boy would it have been good.

Juliana and I are going for a back to back tomorrow. 6am-730am, then 745am to 915am. Wish us luck.

I'm in charge of bringing watermelon.


bikramyogachick said...

"Had I been pregnant for sure I'd have birthed right there" Oh boy, that had me cracking up! As far as the chest in the way....mine is not all that large, but big enough to get in the way of locust. Once the second set of that posture is over and I can "untrap" my arms, the first thing I do is lift my upper body up slightly so I can re adjust the girls a bit before full locust. Ugh. Nothing much we can do about that problem I suppose! :)

Tarts and Tattoos said...

I'm hoping the boobs disappear after second class tomorrow. What are the chances?!

bikramyogachick said...

I suppose just as good as my ample ass disappearing overnight. ;)