Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 7 (8) Where did the heat go?!

This morning with Abbey went by in a flash! I got in a bit late and was the ONLY PERSON in the front row (later 2 more wound up there) and kind of liked it. Though... staring at myself that close I really did notice I need a dye job. Platinum hairs poking out random, not a pattern in sight, just BOING!

The fans didn't come on today at all until final Savasana, and it was OK!. Jules mentioned there was no towel where the gap in the door is, that was probably it. But I like to pretend we're becoming more efficient!

I thought I had a pretty decent practice. Alot of pushing myself beyond yesterday. Abbey complimented me today (I think): "Miss. Tattoo, you can go much more closer with your legs next time, you have the perfect anatomy for this pose" Separate Leg Stretching. Mister will be proud.

Did Abbey notice for the life of me these boobs are inhibiting anything touching my knee?! Or that they were touching my chin in Lotus? Pick a Lotus any Lotus... One day I'll get there.

Maybe tonight when we do a second class to kick start this new week! Woot. We're turning into Nutjobs. Yogini NutJobs... Hmmm... could be a good name for a granola bar.

Oh I did make baklava last night- I'll post it tonight when I get home.

Happy Monday Bendies

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